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Roofs can provide more than just protection. Installing a green roof on your building can generate a range of benefits, from improved energy efficiency and increased roof longevity to enhanced biodiversity and increased resilience to the effects of extreme weather. You can learn more about the many benefits of green roofs from our reports and fact sheet.
The IGNITION project has developed the Green Roof Benefits Calculator to help property owners estimate the potential benefits and costs of installing green roofs using academic and open source data. To use the calculator, you will need to enter information about your building, a checklist of the information needed to operate the tool is available here.
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What is the Green Roof Benefits Calculator?

The calculator will tell you about the potential benefits and costs of installing green roofs. These are high level estimates for energy and carbon reductions, biodiversity, storage of rainwater, reduction in urban noise, extended roof longevity, increased property or rental value, improved air quality, surface water drainage bills and reduction in temperature. In some cases, these benefits can be combined to show how installation could be cost-beneficial over the long term.
The calculator is suitable for any organisation or individual who own or manage a building where they would like to consider installing a green roof. By operating the calculator you will receive a high-level estimate of the approximate annual financial and environmental benefits and costs of a green roof installation on your building.
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If you experience a problem using the Green Roof Benefits Calculator please contact : greencity@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk