Green Roof Benefits Calculator - Inputs

The Green Roof Benefits Calculator uses the IGNITION nature-based solutions evidence base and open-source cost data to provide a high level estimate of the potential benefits you as a building owner or occupier could gain from adding a green roof. The calculator also estimates the potential benefits to the building owner and users, and society as a whole, such as improved air quality, reduced heat stress, rainwater storage and carbon sequestration.

To operate the calculator, you need to enter information about your building in the input boxes below, for example your roof dimensions, building type, annual energy consumption and the area of green roof you would like to consider installing. The more information you are able to provide the more benefits can be estimated. Sections indicated with an asterisk (*) are those required for the calculator to operate. You will still receive estimates, for some benefits, even if you are unable to provide all the information required in the ‘Tailor your results’ section.

After you have entered your information click the calculate button and this will allow you to proceed to the results section.

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